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Effective as of: 11/19/15
Fee Schedule
Account HistoryprintoutFREE
ATM Balance Inquiresafter 2 per month$1.00
ATM Transfersafter 2 per month$1.00
ATM Withdrawalafter 4 per month$1.00
ATM/Debit "Hot Card" feefor lost/abused cards$20.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacementper card$5.00
ATM/Debit Overdraftper occurrence$15.00
ATM/Debit Pin Replacementper occurrence$5.00
Cashiers Checks3 per monthFREE
Close Accountwithin 90 days of opening$5.00
Copies - Checks/Money Ordersper copy$3.00
Courtesy Pay Feeper item $20.00
Escheatment Noticeper notice$1.00
Escheatment Processing$25.00
Holiday Skip A Paymentper loan$10.00
Insufficient Fundsper item returned$30.00
Levies and Garnishmentsper occurrence$50.00
Money Ordersper item$1.00
Notary Servicemembers onlyFREE
Overdraft TransfersFREE
Returned Mailper item returned$1.00
Statement Copyper month$1.00
Stop Paymentper item or block$5.00
Telephone TransfersFREE
Visa Gift Cardsper card$4.00
Wire TransfersincomingFREE
Wire Transfersoutgoing$20.00